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Nutrition Plans

Meal plans, nutritional guidance, support & education

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Healthy Eating

Did you know that your health and body composition is 90% of what you eat?

Simply put, if you want to lose body fat, improve muscle tone and have more energy then making the right choices with regard to nutrition is critical.

Here at Kinetik we include nutritional guidance and support in all of our personal and small group training programmes. However we can also provide you with personalised nutrition plans separate to our training programmes.

All of our plans are individualised and take into consideration your goals, dietary requirements and personal circumstances.

We base our nutritional guidance and meal plans around your lifestyle and the foods that you enjoy eating. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be time consuming, boring or restrictive. We will show you how to eat healthy, balanced, nutritional meals. We will also guide you on how to make simple, incremental and habitual lifestyle changes which will allow you to achieve your results and maintain them for life.

Change your life
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Change your diet, change your life

Features included as part of our nutritional support:

  • Initial consultation to discuss goals
  • Measurements and body composition analysis
  • Detailed meal plans with calorie and macro nutrient breakdowns
  • Meal plans are refreshed and changed weekly
  • Meal plans include full recipes and ingredients shopping list
  • All of your meals will be tracked via an app



Nutrition, we're here to inspire you

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