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Road to Faster Recovery

17 March 2015

In this blog i’m going to be talking about how to recover faster. A common question I get asked by clients, friends and even athletes is how can I recover faster after a workout, training session, event or match??? We’ve all been there, when you’re walking funny the next day or your arms ache so much you can’t put on your own shirt or sometimes you’re just too tired to train. However you are able to recover faster and perform an effective training session even on back to back days.

Below i’m going to give you 3 of my favorite tips for recovering faster.

1. Post Exercise Nutrition

This is number 1 and it’s where most people fall down. The first 30 minute window after exercise is vitally important. If you think about it, whilst you’ve been exercising, you’ve lost fluids, salts, your blood sugar levels will have decreased and you’ve used up nutrients from food. So it’s imperative that you replenish all of these things straight away, lack of adequate post exercise nutrition is the number one reason for slow or poor recovery. Three things to have directly after exercise are; water, protein and sugar. Water so you re-hydrate,  protein to help with growth and repair and sugar to balance your blood sugar and insulin levels. If you can have a proper meal directly after exercise I would recommend that but if that’s not an option you should look at a protein shake this could be whey or hemp protein. An example of a good post work out meal would be: A pint of water, tuna/chicken salad or a shake and a glass of pineapple juice (fresh or not from concentrate). Another hidden gem is chocolate milk (yes you read correctly). Recent research has shown that the make up of protein fats and carbohydrates in chocolate milk can really help with post exercise recovery. Remember within the first 30 minutes post exercise.

2. Muscle Relaxation Techniques

After a tough workout you need to relax the muscles you’ve worked. How you do this may vary but I recommend stretching (yoga is fantastic), foam rolling, vibration plates (power plates), ice baths, acupuncture, kinesio tape and deep tissue massage. Obviously not all at the same time! But 1 or 2 of these techniques will definitely help you on the road to faster recovery. Even if it’s just some post exercise stretching and foam rolling, this goes a long way.

3. Movement

I always say MOTION IS LOTION. Most people stiffen up and ache because they don’t keep moving. If you’re aching the next day after exercise, get up and move! The human body does not like sitting or lying around, despite what you may think. As human beings we are designed to be up right and moving around, in as many directions as possible. Try going for a walk, swimming, dynamic stretching or cross training to loosen up and recover faster. The worse thing you can do is be sedentary or immobile.

I hope you put into practice some of these techniques and you put yourself on the road to faster recovery!

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