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Feeling Fizzy?

23 June 2015

Feeling Fizzy?

How many fizzy drinks do you have per week or even per day? Can you go a day without a fizzy drink? Do you crave fizzy drinks?

One of the biggest problems affecting people’s health and nutrition in the UK and around the world is the amount of fizzy drinks consumed on a daily basis. But I think many fizzy drink drinkers don’t realize how bad these beverages really are. In this blog I’m going to give you some facts about fizzy drinks, this includes energy drinks as well and shed some light on just how unhealthy these drinks really are!

Let me start with telling you that I used to be a fizzy ‘pop’ drinker, every now and then I’d have a Coca Cola sometimes if I had a long drive I’d grab a can of Red Bull to keep me going. So I know how addictive and tasty these drinks can be. I thought the odd Coke or Red Bull can’t be that bad but I was wrong. I decided that I was going to do some research on soft drinks/energy drinks and try and discover how unhealthy they are and what damage they could be causing my body. I also made a decision that I would cut them out of my diet.

Here are some facts about fizzy drinks:

  •  14585 million litres of fizzy drinks were consumed in the UK last year.
  • A normal can of coke has 39 g of sugar inside, a 500 ml bottle has 65 g of sugar and a 2 litre bottle has a whopping 216 g of sugar.
  • Around the world the average person consumes a fizzy drink product every 4 days.
  • Fizzy drinks have been directly linked to increase risk of osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and even cancer.
  • The vast majority of fizzy drinks contain aspartame which is an artificial sweeter 200 times sweeter than sugar.
  • Fizzy drinks contain many different E Numbers, E numbers are food additives such, colourants, preservatives, flavor enhancers, glazing agents, sweeteners, chemicals and antibiotics, to name a few.
  • Fizzy drinks can actually slow down your metabolism because your body becomes less efficient at being able to deal with the increases in blood sugar.

If you’ve read any of my other blogs, I have mentioned that sugar, especially processed and man made sugars are the number one contributor to our nation becoming fatter. So with this in mind and the factual information above why would you want to consume fizzy drinks?

I believe that people drink them for a variety of reasons but mainly because of the ones listed below.

  1. They don’t realise how bad fizzy drinks are for their health and the complications that can proceed from drinking these products.
  2. They are low on energy and believe that fizzy drinks will give them an energy boost.
  3. They like the way the fizzy drinks taste and become addicted to it.
  4. They believe a fizzy drink will quench their thirst and hydrate them.
  5. They think that by drinking a diet or zero calorie version of the drink is a healthier alternative and will help them with their nutritional/fitness goals.

What I want to do is put all of the above reasons to bed. If you read the factual information bullet pointed above or even scout the internet for some information, you will find plenty of research about the health risks of consuming fizzy drinks. Fizzy drinks may give you an energy boost but only for a short period of time. When you consume any type of sugar you get a blood sugar spike, but sugar is a simple carbohydrate, it releases energy fast but the energy doesn’t remain in your system for long. People who consume a lot of fizzy drinks or sugary products are constantly spiking their blood sugar and often have an energy crash. They end up being on a sugar roller coaster all day long. What you need is a constant supply of energy throughout the day, this comes from eating a nutritious balanced diet and keeping hydrated. If you can’t go a day without a fizzy drink you are probably addicted.These drinks taste good to you because they are so sweet and have been man made to make you want to drink more and more. First try cutting down the amount you drink then cut them out altogether. Substitute with water, if you have a sweet tooth then add fruit to your water. A fizzy drink will not hydrate you and quench your thirst in fact it will do the opposite and make you thirstier, hence why you reach for another can of fizzy drink an hour after you’ve had your last! Water is the drink that will hydrate you, water is required for every single function in the human body. Aim to drink 2-3 litres per day and more, if you are exercising, or doing a physically demanding activity. Diet or zero calorie versions of fizzy drinks such as diet coke or coke zero are not healthier alternatives and in a lot of cases are even more harmful than the standard version. This is because they contain more additives and chemicals to make them taste good than the conventional version of the drink. Diet Coke especially has very high levels of aspartame. Diet/zero calorie versions will not help you with your health and wellness goals, especially if your goal is to lose weight/fat.

As well as considering what fizzy drinks do to your outside appearance think about what they are doing to your insides. I know many cleaning companies that actually use certain fizzy drinks to clean toilets with. Watch the video below if you don’t believe me.


What I want you to take away from this blog is that there are no nutritional benefits to fizzy drinks. Yes they may taste good but there are so many drinks that taste better that will actually have nutritional goodness in them. Fizzy drinks will have negative impacts on your overall health now and in the future. Substitute for water and ditch the fizzy drinks!

Thanks for reading!

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