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Are Low Fat Products Making You Fat?

8 June 2015

I bet there are thousands of blog posts out there on this topic but I thought I’d give you my take on the whole low fat issue. It’s an area that probably causes my clients the most amount of confusion, on a daily basis. What I want to do in this blog is keep it really simple and explain my take on low fat products and answer the question: Are Low Fat Products making you fat?

You only have to turn on the TV or walk down most supermarket aisles to see Low Fat or 0 % fat advertised. We have been pretty much brainwashed to believe that low fat products are better for us and that Fat is the devil! Firstly let me tell you that Fat is an essential part of any human diet. Lack of good nutritious dietary fat has been directly linked to various diseases including Cancer, Type 2 diabetes and Alzheimers. Natural fats found in meat, poultry, fish, dairy, nuts, plants, seeds and oils are the fats your body needs for a variety of reasons. It’s the man made fats such as trans fats and hydrogenated fats that should be avoided at all costs. Also any burnt fat should be steered well clear of. The problem is we’ve been led to believe that eating fat makes you fat. This is definitely not the case.

Let me make this clear, eating low fat or zero fat products will not help you to lose fat/weight… In fact consuming these types of products will possibly do the opposite. Let me explain in simple terms as to why.

Low fat products usually contain a high amount of sugar. Sugar is probably the number one cause of our nations bulging waist lines and one of the main reasons why obesity and type 2 diabetes levels are on the rise. When we consume sugar the body uses it for energy. Any unused sugar that is consumed is stored in the body as glycogen. Glycogen is a fat store, it’s a bit like a back up of energy, it’s there when we need it. The problem is the vast majority of people live an inactive lifestyle so they never even get near to using their fat stores for energy, they just keep getting fatter!  People with a sweet tooth often say to me they prefer the taste of the low fat products. This is because the sugar content is higher than that of the normal “full fat” product. So it’s going to suit their sweet tooth and sugar cravings. Let me use the Yogurt example:

Recently my girlfriend and I were out shopping, we wanted to pick up some natural yogurt so that we could make some home made tzatziki. We went down the yogurt aisle and I reached for the Yeo Valley natural yogurt the “full fat” version. As I was about to grab it my girlfriend said “whoa, what are you doing?” In which I replied “getting us the yogurt.” She then said “I always get the low fat version.” I then went on to explain exactly what I’ve mentioned above. I even looked on the label just to confirm. The full fat version had 6.2 g of sugar per 100 g serving, the low fat option contained 9.2 g of sugar per 100 g serving. 3 g of sugar more! Now she knows not to buy the low fat option. This story inspired me to write this blog. My girlfriend is not a food and nutrition dummy! She knows how to eat well and eats a very nutritious diet, so I was surprised that she didn’t know that the low fat version contained a lot more sugar. Then I thought to myself, if she doesn’t know this, then that means the vast majority of people don’t know it either. You’ve probably learned something new just reading this post! So I encourage you, when you are buying certain products, read the food label and where it says Carbohydrates of which are sugars, you should go with the one with the lowest amount. Sugar is making you fatter not fat!

So if I’d have to answer the question: Are Low Fat Products Making You Fat? Then I’d have to say Yes… they are!

I’m going to end this blog with 2 statements and if you forget everything else I’ve written above, then just remember these two statements…


Many thanks for reading this blog and I encourage you to share it with your friends, family and colleagues so we can make the people of Nottingham, the Nation and the World healthier!

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