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30 June 2015

Summer finally seems to have arrived and with the weather starting to pick up, I thought I would write this week’s blog in relation to the weather. Let’s face it us Brits love to talk about the weather. Many of my recent blogs have been centered around nutrition but this blog is focusing on the training aspect of health and wellness.

We all know that you can exercise in the gym but have you considered taking your training outside and doing some ‘Al Fresco Fitness’? There are many benefits to training in the great outdoors;

  • It adds variation to your training regime
  • You can make use of the outdoor environment to exercise with rather than using machines or weights. For example you can perform body weight exercises, run, climb, hike, walk, cycle, use benches in parks, the list is pretty much endless.
  • You get an increase in vitamin D. Vitamin D is very important for bone health because vitamin D helps with the absorption of calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphate and iron, these minerals are vital for strong, healthy bones.
  • The Sun makes you happy! We can pretty much all agree when the sun is shining we are generally happier. So combine this with exercise and you’ve got a winning combination for making you feel better and energized .
  • You can get social benefits from outdoor training. There are more fitness classes, sports clubs and groups that train outside now than ever before. Many of my boot camp clients keep coming back because they get a good workout but also love the social elements. We have clients who have become friends outside of their exercise regimes from attending boot camp sessions on a regular basis. This also helps with accountability towards goals.
  • There’s no substitute for fresh air. It’s important to regularly get outside and get some fresh oxygen in your lungs rather than being in a stuffy gym all the time.

I could go on with many more benefits to training outdoors but from the list above you get the picture. However what many of you will probably be thinking or saying aloud whilst reading this blog is; “I don’t have time to train outdoors!” or “I barely have time to train at all.”

Firstly if you are already a gym goer and want to add in some outdoor training, you could substitue one of your gym sessions for an outdoor session. If you are one of the people who barely has time to exercise at all then please take note of the information below.

  • There 168 hours in a week
  • If you sleep 56 hours a week and go to work for 56 hours that leaves 56 hours a week available.
  • If you exercise 3-4 hours per week that still leaves 50+ hours in the week to do all your other activities.

When you look at it like this there’s no reason why you can’t fit some outdoor exercise in, even if it’s only a hour per week. The weather is great! Get yourself out there and have some Al Fresco fitness fun!

Happy Training.

P.S. If you want a regular hit of outdoor exercise our boot camp runs 10-11 AM at Colwick Park, every Saturday morning (rain or shine). Contact us for more information.


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